Waiting list
Once the registration limit for the CAT700 Original has been completed, we have opened the waiting list. Vacancies will be filled in strict order of registration.
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Which one is more convenient for you, CAT700 or CAT700-S?
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2021 edition. Opening of registrations
We already have the opening date for registration for the 2021 edition. It will be on January 1st, 2021, at 00:00. Toast with cava, celebrate and congratulate the new year, and sign up for the CAT700!

2020 edition gallery
Here is a gallery of what has been an atypical edition, conditioned by the Covid and held in autumn. Landscapes and cold faces not usual in the CAT700. [+]

The experience of Tactic Sports in the CAT700 Original.
Tactic Sports, the sportswear brand and collaborator of the CAT700, participated with some of its best cyclists and workers. This is the summary of their experience. [+]

Dani Gómez Cañete, enjoying and suffering
The story of Dani Gómez Cañete brings to life the high and sinking moments of a well-trained cyclist on the route of the CAT700 Original 2020. Explain yourself in reading this text in the first person: you will live (or relive) the effort, the euphoria, the sinking and the landscapes in a personal and collective journey. [+]

PROMO 2021

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