CAT 700. The pioneer event in bikepacking and self-sufficiency in southern Europe

The CAT 700 is summarized in three concepts: long distance, bikepacking and self-sufficiency. It is an adventure, journey, challenge without stages; freedom in capital letters.

The CAT 700 is the adventure and event for lovers of kilometers off-road; travel through Catalonia from North to South, from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean. You will exceed 2,000 meters of altitude and after a few days you will step on the sand of the extensive beaches of the Ebre Delta. You will experience a true mosaic of landscapes in a human environment in which the positive attitude and solidarity between participants create indelible links.

In total, you will have 110 hours to travel the 700 kilometers and the 16,000 meters of positive elevation gain with a cyclability of almost 100%. An equation where the result does not depend only on the physical state but on the mental state and a good strategy.

CAT700-G. A route designed for gravel bikes

The CAT 700-G has been designed for gravel bikes and for those who want to introduce in bikepacking and long-distance challenges. The CAT700-G keeps all the essence of the original route, starting and arriving to the same places. With just over 500 kilometers and 12.000 meters of ascent.


Desnivel positivo16.000 m12.000 m
Bicicleta óptimaBTTGravel / BTT
Estado de las pistas********
Exigencia física**********
Exigencia técnica***
Autosuficiencia (distancia entre poblaciones)********

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